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Discover industry-leading camera-based hand tracking and gesture recognition software

The world’s most powerful camera software for any platform and use-case

Delivers superb hand tracking and gesture recognition accuracy using breakthrough AI algorithms 

  • Utilizes 21 joints-based hand skeleton approach
  • Supports any static, dynamic, or drawing gesture
  • Compatible with any type of camera, in any position
  • Deployable on ordinary, low-cost processors
  • Enables gesture creation without data collection
  • Supports depth inference and hidden joints detection
  • Integrable with joints-skeleton based body tracking
  • Applicable to any product or app, in any industry

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Our camera-based software will revolutionize your user experience

~100% hand tracking and gesture recognition accuracy

10x reduction in development cost & time to market

Supports any static dynamic, or drawing gesture

Optimized for embedded deployment
(AI at the Edge)

Platform agnostic
(any camera, processor, or OS)

Application agnostic: any use-case in any industry

Sophisticated contactless interaction will take your user experience to another level

Hand tracking and gesture recognition for any sector

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